Camping during Indian Summer with Yelloh! Village

At Yelloh! Village, you go where you want, when you want! From 31 August, take advantage of the Indian summer to enjoy a quiet holiday.

Have you decided to enjoy your holidays in September or the beginning of October? You'd be right to do so! Away from the crowds and less expensive, you'll be able to enjoy a wonderful stay, whether you're coming as a couple or with your friends. Late season is a time to take advantage of the mild weather and low prices, whether you're staying on a camping pitch or in our rental accommodation.

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In September, a lot of us are heading back to work or to school, but for people who have decided to go on holiday, this is the perfect chance! Come and enjoy the lovely autumn colours in all sorts of different areas of FrancePortugal and Spain when autumn arrives.


At the time of year when the grape harvest is taking place, why not come and enjoy the last of the fine weather as you spend the long afternoons strolling along the seaside or through the countryside. And what is more, you'll be able to take advantage of late season low prices whether you're staying on our camping pitches or in our rental accommodation; and staying in a Yelloh! Village, you'll find all facilities are open. A camping holiday in September really makes sense!