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Camping Au Lac de Biscarrosse Parentis en Born, Landes

« A large pool complex, on the shores of the Lac de Biscarrosse and next to the Atlantic Ocean! »

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Your holiday rental accommodation at the camping Yelloh! Village Au Lac de Biscarrosse

Get ready for comfort during your holiday with us! When you choose our accommodation, you will know why we are one of the "finest open-air hotels". Come discover our wide selection of high-end cottages! 

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This campsite does not offer this type of accommodation
Premium Area

Come and enjoy some real comfort and relaxation during your next holiday in Les Landes! In the  area of the Yelloh! Village Au Lac de Biscarrosse, you'll find upmarket accommodation with some unique facilities to make your stay here as pleasant as possible. In this pedestrianised area with some lovely trees, people of all ages will love it here!

Pinada Area

Located opposite the pine forest, the Pinada area is a true breath of fresh air! Everything here recalls the region's traditional pine forests: you will be close to nature, where the colours and scents of conifers blend together to create an enchanting atmosphere for you.

Maya area

Welcome to the land of the Mayas! You can be sure of an exotic experience staying in this area, comprising designer rental accommodation based on Mayan dwellings! You'll be staying in mobile homes full of character with all the comforts required to enjoy a truly unforgettable holiday!  

Pop Art Area

Come and discover the colourful world of the Pop Art area! Its multi-coloured cottages will ensure you enjoy some really upmarket comfort here! If you love art and pop atmospheres, then don't hang around; opt for a chic and fun holiday staying in our Pop Art area!

Cyclades Area

Head off to Greece and all its mythology! The Cyclades area will give your holiday a Mediterranean flavour with its contemporary rental accommodation and Greco-Roman style décor. You'll also love the atmosphere here, reminiscent of the famous islands of the Cyclades archipelago.

Savanah Area

If you're looking for a different kind of holiday in an unusual setting, then come and experience our  Savanah area! With its contemporary cottages with African flourishes, you'll be immersing yourself in ethnicity, which the whole family will just love! 

Cabanes Tchanquées Area

For holidays in which you'll be totally immersing yourself in the world of fishermen from days gone by, come and stay in our huts on stilts! Resembling the region's own famous cabins, ours too are perched on stilts. Protected by a thatched roof and with a wide terrace, they combine the comfort of a mobile home with the authenticity of a furnished tent.

Coconut Area

All of this area will be devoted to the Coco Sweet furnished tents with their soft and rounded lines. Nature and authenticity abound in a superb landscaped setting! Choose to experience a different kind of holiday.

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Smile, we're searching for the very best for your holiday

Smile, we're searching for the very best for your holiday

Smile, we're searching for the very best for your holiday

Smile, we're searching for the very best for your holiday

Smile, we're searching for the very best for your holiday