Camping in Franche Comté

With its two magnificent massifs, the Vosges and the Jura, Franche – Comté is the perfect place for a countryside holiday.

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There are all sorts of open air activities for you to choose from during your camping holiday in Franche-Comté. With downhill skiing, snowshoeing and iceskating, all the fun winter pastimes happen here. And during summer, you can enjoy the nice weather and pleasant days that are perfect for hikes in the countryside. In its pine and oak forests, among its lakes and waterfalls and walking along its winding paths, you'll be breathing in the clean, mountain air.

Come and taste the delicious local produce, such as the famous salaisons, and Comté and Morbier cheese. These flavourful products give rise to some delicious recipes, such as soupe de fromage (cheese soup) and potée de légumes à la viande (hotpot). Get stuck in during your camping holiday in Franche-Comté and buy produce in the traditional market. When the sun's rays bring some welcome warmth as night turns into day, the colours and smells of the market light up and lend their perfumes to the still-sleeping countryside. Shopping turns into a genuine pleasure.

Camping Franche-Comté

Continuing this countryside journey, the two massifs of the Vosges and the Jura provide hikers with all kinds of watercourses that give the region its exceptional variety of flora and fauna. With 4,500 caves and chasms, there's plenty of choice when it comes to getting beneath the earth. And there's nothing quite like enjoying a moment sitting in the shade of a tree listening to the sound of the waterfall.

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