FAQ and online help


Section 1: Children

Are babies included in the accommodation capacity?

Yes, babies are included in the accommodation capacity. The maximum number of people stated for the cottage must not be exceeded.

Remember that for camping pitches, children under the age of 3 stay for free throughout the season, as are children aged 3 to 7 except during July and August!

Do the activity leaders look after children aged between 0 and 4 ?

No, the campsites with a "Yelloh! Babies" club offer services especially designed and solely for children under the age of 4, without management staff. The family is responsible for looking after the children.

Section 2: Your pets

Are pets permitted in camping pitches only?

Pets are permitted on the camping pitches of some Yelloh! Village, except for dogs belonging to France's 1st and 2nd category, for which a charge applies.

See list of villages which allow pets on our website.

Are pets permitted in rental units?

Some Yelloh! Village permit pets in rental accommodation except for dogs belonging to France's 1st and 2nd category, for which a charge applies.

See list of villages which allow pets on our website.

In all cases, dogs should always be kept on a lead. They are prohibited from swimming pool areas, in food shops and in buildings. Pet vaccination documents must be up to date.

Section 3: Miscellaneous questions

How can I obtain a map of the Yelloh! Village I have chosen?

Just use the general information page of the campsite you've chosen: all the Yelloh! Village maps are available online. 

Are the rental units heated, air-conditioned?

Some rental options have electric heating or (reversible or non-reversible) air conditioning. To find out about this, please just see the descriptions of our rental accommodation on our website. 

Are the terraces covered?

Some of them are. To be absolutely sure, read the descriptions of our rental units carefully, as they appear on our website or in our brochure.

Are the blankets provided in the rental units ?

Yes, blankets and pillows are always provided in the rental units.

When do the campsite seasons begin and end?

You will find the opening and closing dates for the campsites in the description of each village on our website or in the brochure.

What are the times for possible arrival and departure at a Yelloh! Village?

For rental units, arrival is from 5 pm and for camping pitches, arrival is from midday. We would request that you kindly advise the camping village if you anticipate arriving late (after 7 pm except for July and August and after 9 pm in July/August).

Departure must be before 10 am for rental units and before 11 am for camping pitches.

For weekend stays, you can arrive from 2 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and leave by 2 pm on Sundays and Mondays (except for July and August and except bank holiday weekends).

Section 4 : Loyalty Program

What does the Loyalty Program entitle me to?

By subscribing to the Yelloh! Village loyalty scheme, you acquire points that will entitle you to free nights during your future stays (see terms and conditions of the scheme). The scheme is entirely free of charge.Terms and Conditions of the Yelloh! Village Loyalty Program

How do I obtain my Yelloh! Village loyalty card?

When planning your stay, you can request it directly on the Internet, from the Yelloh! Village reservations centre on +33 466 739 739, or by e-mail from yellohplus@yellohvillage.com, or else during your stay, directly from the campsite.
You will be required to provide certain information at the time of applying for the card. Yelloh! Village shall be notified as soon as possible of any change of address or name, or any other information that may be required.

Membership of the loyalty scheme is free and open to any physical person aged over 18 years.

Members can withdraw from membership of the scheme at any time. To do this, the member merely has to send a letter to Yelloh! Village or an e-mail to yellohplus@yellohvillage.com. The member must return the card and all the points earned will be lost.

Yelloh ! Village
BP 68 - F
30 220 Aigues-Mortes

How any points do I need for a free night?

The number of points required to obtain a free night depends on the accommodation chosen (according to the number of bedrooms and the type of accommodation):

CategoriesPoints required for a loyalty night
Pitch from 0 to 300450
Pitch and 560800
1-bedroom rental from 0 to 570850
1-bedroom rental 7001000
1-bedroom rental 13201540
2-bedroom rental from 0 to 8101200
2-bedroom rental 9001300
2-bedroom rental 16801960
3-bedroom rental from 0 to 9501400
3-bedroom rental 11001600
3-bedroom rental 20402380
4-bedroom rental from 0 to 13501700
4-bedroom rental 14001800
4-bedroom rental 22802660

Points can be redeemed for the chosen accommodation if the balance of points is sufficient*. 

* Subject to availability at the time of booking and within the periods that the Yelloh Plus Scheme applies.

How are my points calculated?

The number of points offered per night purchased also depends on the accommodation chosen for this first stay:

CategoriesPoints credited per night stayed
Pitch from 0 to 45
Pitch and 80
1-bedroom rental from 0 to 85
1-bedroom rental 100
1-bedroom rental 110
2-bedroom rental from 0 to 120
2-bedroom rental 130
2-bedroom rental 140
3-bedroom rental from 0 to 140
3-bedroom rental 160
3-bedroom rental 170
4-bedroom rental from 0 to 170
4-bedroom rental 180
4-bedroom rental 190

Here are a few rules for crediting points:Points are earned in the same fashion whatever the period: there is no difference between high season and low season.

  • The maximum number of nights that can be taken into account when crediting points is 21.
  • Free nights do not earn points!
  • Only expenditure related to renting accommodation entitles one to points.
  • The card is not retrospective: I cannot acquire points for my stays preceding the date of the launch of the loyalty scheme (13 April 2009).
  • Points will only be awarded for accommodation sold by Yelloh! Village to physical persons for holidays, and not for holidays sold to organising groups. Tour Operators, Workers' Councils permanent residents and associations are therefore excluded from this scheme.

How and when can I find out how many points I have?

Members may access the breakdown of their points by logging on to the "My Account" section on the www.yellohvillage.co.uk website, by contacting the Yelloh! Village reservations centre or the Yelloh! Village campsite where their cards were issued.
As points are credited automatically 16 days after the date of the end of the stay, you have to wait this long to find out the balance of your points.

When are my points credited?

Your points are credited 16 days after the day you leave the Yelloh! Village in which you were staying and they will appear in the details of your Yelloh! Plus account .

If you have any comments, please contact us by clicking on the Contact us tab, stating the purpose of your request clearly.

Please read the terms and conditions which apply to the Yelloh! Village Plus loyalty program.

How do I book using my Yelloh! Plus points?

  • You can book stays with free nights:
    • by going to the "My Account" section of the Yelloh ! Village website www.yellohvillage.co.uk
    • through the Yelloh! Village reservations centre (+ 33 466 739 739 or yellohplus@yellohvillage.com),
    • by contacting the Yelloh ! Village concerned directly
  • You can use your points in the Yelloh! Village and accommodation of your choice, depending on availability at the time of your request and within the periods that the scheme applies.
  • The use of the loyalty points must be programmed at the time of the booking request :
    - on my account "My Account" on the www.yellohvillage.co.uk website
    - by contacting the Yelloh! Village call center (tel. : +33 466 739 739)
    - or by contacting directly the Yelloh! Village concerned
  • Reservation of stays involving free nights is valid throughout the period that the campsites are open, except from 1 July to 31 August each year, and during the French school holidays at Christmas and in February (zones A, B, and C) for the Yelloh! Villages that are open during the winter.
  • The minimum number of nights for each stay shall be two.
  • Free nights may be combined with paying nights at the going rate. In the case of a combined stay, the free nights are always the cheapest nights of the stay. The stay may be composed of up to 6 free Yelloh! Plus nights.
  • Please note that for a stay with free nights, tourist taxes and possible options are to be settled by the client.

How long is my loyalty card valid for?

The card has no time limit. However, if no activity has been recorded by the end of 3 years, the account shall be closed. Similarly, any fraudulent use of the card shall result in its immediate cancellation.

I’ve had my card stolen, or I’ve lost it or forgotten it.

In the event of loss or theft, the card may be replaced free of charge only once. A card with a new number will be issued, and you will retain your points. A charge of €10 shall be made for any subsequent replacement.
If you forget your card, there's no need to worry: your points account will be credited automatically at the end of your stay provided you mention to the reception staff that you belong to the Yelloh Plus scheme.

Can I give my card to a third party, or combine two cards?

As the card is for your personal use only, it can under no circumstances be given away. However, Yelloh! Village authorises the card holder to offer his points to the person of his choosing. It is nevertheless up to the card holder to make the booking. In this case, the card holder must make the booking with the reservations centre (+ 33 466 739 739 ou yellohplus@yellohvillage.com). It is impossible to combine the points from two cards.

What do I need to do in the event of a litigation?

In the event of points not being awarded, the client can always claim these from the Yelloh! Village booking service on presentation of his bill.
Yelloh! Village may not be held responsible in the event of a dispute between a card holder and a given campsite. However, in the event of a dispute between a card holder and Yelloh! Village, recourse may be under French law only. Any disagreement or dispute that is not resolved amicably between the parties shall be submitted to the court at Nîmes.

In accordance with the "Data Protection Law" (of 6 January 1978, the card holders have the right to modify, rectify of remove data concerning them, and to request the ending of promotional offers. To do this, you simply need to make a request at any time, providing your full name and address: by filling in the "Contact Us" form, by e-mail to yellohplus@yellohvillage.com, or by writing to:
Yelloh ! Village
BP 68 - F
30 220 Aigues-Mortes

The member has the right to terminate his membership of the scheme. In this event, he should notify us in writing and return the card to us: any accumulated points will thereby be lost.

Section 5 : My account

How do I access my Yelloh! Plus history?

Clicking on the “My Yelloh! Village Plus account” tab will show you your Yelloh! Plus points and your account summary.

Lines with green arrows show Yelloh! Plus point credit events and lines with red arrows show point debit events. 

How do I find my booking?

It’s very easy: just click on the My latest bookings tab

You can then see details about this booking with: surname, age and details about people coming with you, booking number, name of the Yelloh! Village, type of accommodation, dates of stay, total payable, total deposit paid and outstanding balance.

How do I change my information and password?

It’s very easy: go to the My Yelloh! Village Plus account and click on 

How do I pay for the rest of my booking?

When you can see the booking details, you can adjust your balance fully securely and directly online using your bank card.

Just click on pay balance
If you wish to pay your balance using a payment method other than a bank card, you need to contact the Yelloh Village of your booking beforehand.