Camping at the mountain

Come and enjoy the mountain scenery in the Yelloh ! Village campsites in the mountains. Try the slopes in beautiful areas in France and Spain. Then recharge your batteries in a campsite in the mountains.

Camping Mountains

Do you want a breath of pure air at altitude or extreme sports in the wide open spaces? Be tempted by all the pleasures of the mountains, set off for the summits, hike or paraglide to discover mountain lakes. Come and admire the beauty of the peaks and do many outdoor pursuits in mountain landscapes with lakes and forests. This year will it be: a holiday in the open air, strong impressions and fine food? Get ready to live life at its peak...

In summer or in winter, come and discover the thrills of the peaks during your mountain camping holiday. The great outdoors of the mountains of the Alps or the Pyrenees, the sheer slopes to tear down on your skis or mountain bikes, and hiking in some magnificent areas of countryside all await you! You'll also be able to make the most of your mountain camping holiday by trying some of our delicious local specialities. 

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