Quality by Yelloh! Village

What characterises Yelloh! Village? The quality of its campsites of course! Our campsites respect and scrupulously follow the quality charter to offer you the top-of-the-range holiday you’ve been dreaming of. But our quality is also thanks to you as well. Each review you leave is taken into account and every year sees Yelloh! Village continue to advance!

Satisfaction questionnaire

Throughout the year, we pay very close attention to our customers’ opinions, making our holidaymakers’ requirements a top priority! It is the duty of holidays to be unforgettable breaks which we talk about for the whole year before going off the next year for more fun and pleasant times! The quality of your holiday is our number one requirement, and we do all in our power season after season, in all our villages, to make sure these relaxing times shared with your family or friends remain engraved in the mind with moments of fun and laughter.

At the end of their stay, our customers are given a satisfaction questionnaire about various aspects of their Yelloh! Village holiday. Forms are then analysed and processed by our quality control department and customer services. Comments made by our customers are examined with our villages on a daily and monthly basis, to enable us to move forward with you season by season.

These surveys are representative and pertinent, as we provide more than 800 questionnaires per village.
Every year, we process more than 73,200 questionnaires which serve to constantly improve the services provided by our campsites in order to meet the requirements of our customers as fully as possible.

Overall scores awarded by our customers for their stays together with their opinions (in line with our terms and conditions of use) are provided openly on the “Customer opinions” page of each Yelloh! Village so that you are made aware of criticisms as well as of the reasons for our customers’ satisfaction during their last holidays.

92% of customers satisfied!

In 2021, more than 73,200 questionnaires were completed. 92% of our customers pronounced themselves satisfied or very satisfied with their Yelloh! Village stay.

Quality charter

Transparency and clear information are Yelloh! Village’s key words. And when we talk of quality of services, we’re being totally objective:

Every Yelloh! Village complies with a quality charter which includes more than 530 points, which is rigorously checked every year by an independent auditor. On top of which, each camping-village is characterised by special criteria such as the Yelloh! Village setting, the water park, the facilities offered, the activities provided...
Our charter of quality is registered with Qualité Tourisme.

Objective quality criteria

Every year, an independent company audits our campings-villages in line with criteria involving infrastructures, swimming area, services available and activities on offer.

At the end of every season, the results of these audits are added to the results of the satisfaction questionnaires completed by our customers so as to calculate scores per criterion for each village. These scores, from 1 to 5, provide customers with better information about the quality of facilities, activities and services provided by the village.

  • On the campsite provides information about the way the village fits into its natural environment, its overall attractiveness and the quality of the accommodations and pitches.
  • Accommodation informs you about the quality, equipment and exterior areas of the accommodation.
  • Facilities informs you of the range of facilities provided in the campingvillage (restaurant, bar, shops...).
  • Activities indicates the number of activities offered for all ages within the camping-village.
  • Swimming pool gives you an indication of the size of the water complexes, the relaxation area and the play equipment provided.

Tourism Quality

Yelloh! Village is the first camping and caravanning group to be awarded, for its French sites in general, the "Qualité TourismeTM"mark, by the minister responsible for Tourism. The "Qualité TourismeTM" mark is a gage of confidence both for the staff and for their clients; it federates the rigorous Quality procedures engaged by tourism professionals targeting the quality of service for customer satisfaction.

Similarly, Yelloh! Village integrates itself into each region, respecting the regional architectural features and characteristics, the local skills and customs while preserving the identity and the intrinsic characters of each of the establishments.