Terms and Conditions of Use of system for processing and releasing Yelloh! Village customer testimonials

Liability of Yelloh! Village group

In order to attach even more importance to testimonials from our customers and to make these testimonials accessible to internet users, the Yelloh! Village group is committed to fully transparently transcribing comments left by our customers. This data gathering operation is carried out solely via a satisfaction questionnaire or a request for a testimonial provided after your stay in one of our establishments. In addition, operations involving data gathering, moderating and releasing testimonials are totally independent from advertising and sales operations for products and services carried out by the Yelloh! Village group. No compensation is provided in return for submitting a testimonial.

User liability

The people who write the testimonials and comments published by the website of the Yelloh! Village group are solely accountable and in no event do such testimonials and comments represent recommendations or official advice from the Yelloh! Village group or its establishments.   

By providing a testimonial, users cede specifically and free of charge all their relevant intellectual property rights to establishments that are members of the Yelloh! Village group, including those relating to copying, representing and adapting, using any media and any formats currently known or unknown, throughout the world and for the legal duration of protection of copyright.

Within this framework, users undertake that they:

  • are a natural individual
  • are not in a position involving a conflict of interest (family member of campsite owner, employee, competitor, working for a third-party company with business links etc.)
  • have personally experienced use of the product or service relating to the testimonial provided

For the purposes of verification by a third-party certifying body or by a moderator from the Yelloh! Village group, users agree to be contacted again if necessary by email or by telephone. 

Users undertake, without the following list being a closed one, not to: slander, abuse, harass or threaten anyone, nor to infringe the rights of others, including human rights, the right to privacy or the right to human dignity. Users are solely and uniquely responsible for comments made in testimonials, and in this respect protect the Yelloh! Village group and its establishments from any proceedings and/or actions that anyone might bring, brought about by the circulation of his or her testimonial on the website of Yelloh! Village.

Principle of Data gathering

The Yelloh! Village group requests information from its customers within the framework of a satisfaction survey only on the basis of stays they have had. The customer survey questionnaires are sent out on departure day via the app, and the next day by email to all customers, based on information taken when the booking was made. An automatic reminder is sent 5 days after customers have left if no response, or an incomplete response, has been received. The questionnaire covers all services available to customers during their stay and is totally unbiased.

Principle of verifying, vetting and moderating testimonials

Moderation, which is a priori automated as well as being carried out by people, is done for each comment. The Yelloh! Village group reserves the right to publish, or not to publish, the testimonials submitted by users if he or she fails to observe these terms and conditions of use as well as well as for the following main reasons:

  • If the testimonials manager deems that his or her civil or criminal liability may be brought into play
  • If the content of the text includes insults or coarse language
  • If elements pertaining to the identity of the author include insults or coarse language
  • If the content of the text includes uncertain characters or meaningless additions to words
  • If the content (text, document, image etc.) is unconnected with the subject under discussion
  • If the features of the testimonial include irrefutable elements of conflict of interest
  • If the content of the text is poorly written to the point of being unintelligible
  • If a user formulates an inappropriate comment about another piece of content or the person who wrote it
  • If the content of the text destined for publication includes personal information, such as the surname or first name of individuals who are not people in the public eye, a telephone number, an actual, specific address or an email address
  • If the content of the text includes a credit card number, a social security number, a bank account number or any other information that could result in identity theft
  • If the content of the text includes a call for legal proceedings
  • If the content mentions websites, hypertext links, URLs, email addresses or telephone numbers, including those of the customer or product manufacturer
  • If the content of the text is clearly spam
  • If elements of the description of the consumer experience are not provided

Rejected testimonials

In the event that a user's testimonial is not published, the Yelloh! Village Group shall inform them of the reasons why it was rejected.

Principle of release and publication of testimonials

Releasing and publishing testimonials is done within 30 working days from the date of approval of the questionnaire, after moderation carried out under the conditions explained above. Testimonials and comments are published, in full and without modification, on the websites of the group and sometimes on websites related to its establishments. The average score published is calculated from all completed and approved questionnaires, both those including and those not including a comment, over the past 365 days. The number of completed questionnaires on the basis of which our average score was calculated is also published and can be seen on the internet.

Conditions for filing testimonials published

Every year, testimonials are filed as follows:

  • All comments are filed for a period of three years
  • Comments are published and can be seen on the website for a period of 2 years

Removing/modifying a testimonial

When their comment has been published on the website of the Yelloh! Village group, users may approach customer services to invoke their right to rescind leading to the removal of their consumer testimonial. If this applies, please contact us. However, once it is published it cannot be modified. In the event of a testimonial being removed from publication, a record of it will be retained for the purposes of subsequent verification of the testimonial within the framework of assessment by a third party certifying body.

Informatique et Liberté

Data protection

In accordance with France's data protection act of 6th January 1978, users have the right to access, rectify and object to personal data concerning them. To do so, please just send us a request by post to the following address, including your surname, first name and address:

Yelloh! Village
BP 68
F - 30220 Aigues-Mortes
N° SIRET : 432 366 839 00038


Dear customers, we are here to listen to you: if you have any remarks or comments, please do write to us. Your opinion is important to us.