Camping Picardy

Take a camping holiday in Picardy and discover a little known region with a unique architectural heritage where you will receive a warm and friendly welcome.

Camping holidays Picardy

Go camping in Picardy and take the time to visit a region with a prestigious historical and cultural heritage.

Picardy is the land of castles, churches and abbeys, and is the ideal destination for history and architecture buffs. Take the time to visit Chantilly castle, one of France's most famous castles, or Ermenonville castle, known for its beautiful and magnificent grounds.

Picardy's many cathedrals are also deserving of your attention. These include Amiens cathedral, the largest in France, Saint Pierre de Beauvais cathedral, and Laon cathedral.

Camping Picardy

In addition to its cultural treasures, Picardy also has an exceptional natural heritage.

The major breathtaking must-see site is obviously the Baie de Somme. Spanning 70 km², the Baie de Somme and its endless beach, sandy or pebbly in places, invite you to take long walks along the seashore. The region's many cycling and horseback riding trails offer a splendid taste of the local wilderness. Marquenterre Park, located at the heart of the Natural Reserve of the Baie de Somme, is also worth seeing. In the park, you will be able to observe the many species of migratory birds stopping for a break in the bay before taking off for the shores of Africa. And the Baie de Somme has other surprises in store too: take a stroll through the heart of the bay and you just might spot the seals that made the bay their home a few years ago.

Picardy also has many gastronomic delights to offer the fine gourmet. Much like its people, the region's gastronomy is both generous and gourmand. You will be able to try the ficelle picarde (a savoury pancake stuffed with ham, mushrooms and crème fraîche lightly browned in the oven), Salt-meadow lamb, a slice or two of the famous Maroilles cheese, or the none less famous chantilly whipped cream which, yes, originated here!

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