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Make Corsica your next holiday destination! Prepare to be awestruck by this multifaceted island as you uncover the treasures and surprises that have earned it the name “Island of Beauty”.

Welcome to the Mediterranean and to an island with its own distinct character and extraordinary heritage. From fine sandy or pebble beaches to heavenly coves and the riches to be found in the mountains, Corsica and your campsite by the beach promise an unforgettable stay, where you can choose to do exactly as you please. Enjoy a wealth of different landscapes within just a few kilometres. Spend time in the sea and then in the river, spend a day in the city and another among the peaks... your eyes are in for a real treat during your holiday at a campsite in Corsica!

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A trip to Corsica


What is great about a trip to Corsica is that the island appeals to just about everyone. With its variety of landscapes, activities and rich history, every member of the family will find something to suit them. If you love the sea and swimming, for example, you’ll adore the idyllic beaches that line the Corsican coast. Or perhaps you’ll be won over by the mountains, where countless authentic villages lie tucked away, along with stunning rivers, pretty lakes and impressive hiking trails, including the legendary GR20.


Choose a mobile home rental in Corsica and embark on an unsurpassable journey through time. If you have a keen interest in culture and history, you’ll be in your element learning about the history of Corsica and its people. Many testimonies of the past can still be seen today, such as the houses once lived in by historical figures, the Genoese towers, and so on.


Finally, the Island of Beauty is a land of traditions and flavours. A visit to Corsica wouldn’t be complete without tasting the many local specialities. Sample the cheeses, the legendary Corsican charcuterie, the amber-coloured honey, the chestnuts or the famous canistrelli biscuits...

Whether you opt for a Corsican campsite by the sea or a destination further inland, your trip will leave you with lifelong memories.


What is there to do and see in Corsica?


What are the activities on offer in Corsica?


During your stay at a campsite in Corsica, there’ll be no shortage of activities. You’ll find plenty of ideas for things to do, making the most of the island's many facets. When the weather’s fine, for example, you can just as easily kick back and relax or enjoy a dip in the sea or a river. Activities that will help you to keep cool include stand-up paddleboarding, snorkelling and diving in the Corsican seas. In a similar vein, you can head to the mountains to try out rafting, via ferrata or canyoning and get your adrenalin pumping! Finally, if there’s one thing that’s a must in Corsica, it’s a boat trip or jet-ski excursion to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean scenery... You could even drop anchor in a secluded creek!


Corsica is also inevitably associated with hiking. The GR20 trail carves a path across the island, providing a breathtakingly beautiful setting for walkers. And numerous other trails wind their way around Corsica. As there’s something for every level, you’re sure to find a route that’s right for you. You’ll be rewarded with awe-inspiring views of the maquis, coastline and mountains. Another exhilarating option is quad biking. The island’s terrain lends itself particularly well to this nifty set of wheels!


What are the sightseeing attractions in Corsica?

The island is bursting with points of interest. Here’s just a short selection of must-sees for your camping holiday in Corsica.

  • Cap Corse
  • Costa Verde
  • The Calanques of Piana
  • The Needles of Bavella
  • The Sanguinaires Archipelago
  • The Lavezzi Archipelago
  • The Agriates Desert
  • The Customs Path


Where are the most beautiful beaches around Corsica?

Do you love basking in the sun on soft warm sand beside crystal-clear waters? Here are the most beautiful beaches to be found on the Corsican coast. You won’t want to miss these remarkable slices of paradise on the shores of the Mediterranean.

  • Palombaggia
  • Santa Giulia
  • Rondinara
  • Ostriconi
  • Vignale
  • Ficagola
  • Saleccia
  • Galeria
  • Arone
  • Bodri
  • Roccapina
  • Barcaggio


Which are the most beautiful villages in Corsica?

 Corsica’s villages beautifully embody the island’s soul, communities and people. Opt for a mobile home rental in Corsica and discover the region’s most exquisite havens of peace, ideal for strolling around without a care in the world.

  • Nonza
  • Sant’Antonino
  • Piana
  • Sari-Solenzara
  • Erbalunga
  • Saint-Florent
  • Zonza
  • Centuri
  • Aléria
  • Lama
  • Pigna
  • Cargèse
  • Monticello


Which are the most beautiful towns in Corsica?

Corsica’s towns are also worth a visit. Discover the landmark sites in the island’s history, the different influences that succeeded one another over the centuries and, above all, the lovely narrow streets you’ll be eager to explore. Enjoy all this before heading back to relax at our campsite in Corsica.

  • Porto-Vecchio
  • Bastia
  • Calvi
  • Bonifacio
  • Ajaccio
  • Corte
  • Ghisonaccia
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