Camping Burgundy

Burgundy is a prestigious region, home to some of France's greatest vineyards, with an exceptional mediaeval heritage, and hiking trails in some lovely countryside. So come and discover this region!

Camping holidays Burgundy

Coming to visit Burgundy means you'll be enjoying a break in which time seems to pass in a whole different way. Take some time to experience your holidays to the full in this region, where everything is more peaceful and serene. A land of history and heritage, Burgundy is home to all sorts of unmissable locations, where the past centuries have left their mark. From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from Cluny Abbey to the Château de Cormatin, and not forgetting the location of the Battle of Alesia, let the old monuments and buildings reveal their secrets to you!
Your camping holidays in Burgundy will also be an opportunity to visit some prestigious towns, including Beaune, Mâcon and Chalon. These are towns that are steeped in art, history and fine food traditions, and you're certain to be smitten by them!

Camping Burgundy

Say goodbye to the frenetic town activity as you wander along the various hiking trails. There's nothing quite like going for a walk for discovering this region's superb natural locations at your own pace! The forest of Pontigny, the sources of the Seine, the cliffs of Le Saussois and the caves of Blanot: there are just so many important locations to visit and so many wonderful landscapes to enjoy! You'll return home with your head full of great memories!
Make the most of your camping stay in Burgundy by enjoying some of the delicious local food! Try some of its world-famous wines such as Côtes de Nuits, Chambertin and Romanée-Conti, or how about some local specialities, mustard with Epoisses, and Charolais beef. The perfect memories to take back from your camping holiday in Burgundy!

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