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For energetic holidays, in the countryside or in some of France’s major cities, for sportspeople or people who like shopping, a camping holiday in Rhône-Alpes is for you!

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For a restful holiday or a holiday with some extreme sports, come to the Ardèche. Its natural beauty is sure to appeal to you, with its steep gorges, varied landscapes and a climate that is sometimes Mediterranean and sometimes mountain. Come and breathe in the fresh air and taste some delicious local specialities. In Lyon, there are haute couture shops, international museums, bars and pubs all over the place and large public gardens. This major French city known worldwide for, among other things, its Festival of Lights, is a place you must see. You'll love its wonderful architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Grenoble, Valence, Chambéry, Annecy and Saint Etienne, meanwhile, are towns with distinctive characters. Each has its own wonderful features, making Rhône Alpes one of the country's busiest regions. It is also closely associated with the Second World War, with the Vercors having seen some heroic action by members of the resistance. The Massif du Vercors, in the Isère and Drôme departments, counts the Vercors Memorial and the cemetery at Vassieux en Vercors among the monuments that perpetuate the memory of the resistance fighters.

And you could cross through the Ardèche by paddling down the river of the same name. All along it, there are opportunities for kayaking, during which you'll be able to see some of its natural marvels. A half day, day, or weekend camping beneath the stars, it's up to you! Why not choose a different form of transport to visit this lush little corner of paradise?

During your camping holiday in Rhône-Alpes, come and enjoy tasting some of its delicious and varied local dishes. Reblochon, Beaufort and Tomme de Savoie are some of France's finest cheeses. Come and eat in one of the little restaurants in Lyon known as bouchons, where you'll find out why Lyonnaise gastronomy has a worldwide reputation. Among the most typical dishes are andouillettes, ravioles and the delicious fondue savoyarde. Cooking in this region is rich and copious, and won't leave your stomach or taste buds disappointed.

Camping Rhône-Alpes

For a wonderful time enjoying culture, sports, history and food, Rhône Alpes is the perfect destination.

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