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We love your smile

We are 90 campsite owners,
all independent but all together under the same banner since 2000: Yelloh! Village. Each different, with different cultures, experience, passionsand tastes...

We all have our own strong character and one thing in common:
we love people. We love you.
We love your story, your personality, your faults and your qualities...

We’re happy when you’re happy.

Your smiles, your laughter and your joy provide our energy; they give us our purpose in life.
They’re what we’re thinking of from October to March as we prepare the coming season. It’s your smiles we dream of when we create a new area, enlarge a swimming pool, choose a waterslide, decorate a new restaurant, put together new entertainment or plant 200 new flowering trees along the pathways...

So yes, each Yelloh! Village is unique,
because each owner is unique, and that, that isn’t about to change.
But all of us, each and every one, have the same reason for doing what we do,
to make sure you spend a truly amazing holiday.
We love our job. We love your Smile.

So by now you’ll have understood, we’re all different.

We each have our own personality, our own desires, passions and pleasures that we want to share with you.

So to dot the Ys and cross the Vs, to show you our reality and bring the words to life, what better than a video

And pleut more to discover!



We’re sorry but we really have to go now. We have next season to prepare for. We’d really love to see you smile here with us, but that’s entirely up to you now.