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Mobile home rental: the solution for your holidays

For combining comfort and countryside, pleasant times and authenticity, cottage accommodation is the obvious solution. Opt for renting a mobile home for your holiday in a Yelloh! Village campsite and enjoy an unforgettable stay!

With your family or friends, you'll find mobile homes of all shapes and sizes, whatever you require. Spacious or cosy, luxurious or more modest, these cottages will suit you down to the ground! And there's one thing that won't change: comfort. So you'll really be able to enjoy experiencing a holiday in an upmarket campsite, with all its infrastructures and facilities.

When you rent a mobile home, you'll be able to enjoy a holiday right up close to nature, in the heart of some amazing countryside locations. This is what real camping is all about!

Located in the heart of some truly exceptional regions, our mobile homes will be ideal for discovering the beautiful surrounding area. So set off for a day's hiking, experience the great outdoors and explore some of the region's cultural treasures, or just enjoy the sunshine!

What could be nicer than a meal together on the terrace of your mobile home, with your family or friends? When you rent a mobile home with Yelloh! Village, you'll really be able to enjoy reunions like these, which make for special times. So come and have a fantastic holiday!


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