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Camping Château de Fonrives Agen, Lot et Garonne

« A small corner of paradise in the heart of a region with a rich history and heritage »

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Close to the camping Château de Fonrives

The Lot-et-Garonne harbours all sorts of wonders… Whether it's for the great food and relaxed way of life, its stunning natural beauty, its famous châteaux and caves or just to walk along the banks of the Dordogne, there are a million and one reasons you'll love your holiday at Camping Château de Fonrives. 

Camping Château de Fonrives
Yelloh Village Château de Fonrives
47210 Rives
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GPS Coordinates
Latitude: N 44° 39' 26''
Longitude: E 0° 43' 53''
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Villeréal, 3 km
Bergerac airport, 30 km
Bergerac railway station, 30 km
A 17,000 year journey back in time awaits you at Lascaux! Come and see the exact replicas of the Lascaux Caves. You won't be disappointed!
Discover the magnificent landscapes and the unique cultural and gastronomic heritage when you come on your camping holiday in the Périgord, Dordogne.
A town steeped in history and tradition, Agen invites you to come and discover its heritage. The town of Agen is an archetypal riverside city, and has always had a special relationship with waterways. Westwards, you'll see the Garonne, whilst further north is the canal. These navigable waterways have had a profound effect on the appearance of the town of Agen, as well as a significant influence on its history and culture.
Countryside, culture and wonderful food: the town of Bergerac has all sorts of attractive features! Come and enjoy a holiday in the Bergerac region and its variety of attractive features. Here, countryside and heritage take pride of place. Located on St James' Way, its ancient stones bear the marks of a rich history. During your camping holiday close to Bergerac, why not take a stroll through the town centre, with its ancient, sunlit buildings and half-timbered 15th century houses? And you shouldn't miss a detour along the embankment of the Dordogne River; maybe you'll feel like setting foot aboard one of the traditional local boats called gabarres, for a cruise on the river, as the wine and timber merchants used to do in days gone by!
You’ll think you’re taking part in a film here, like one of the musketeers of old! In the heart of a tree-filled area, your camping holiday in Sarlat will take you on a journey to a fantastic world. A camping holiday in Sarlat means getting back to the peaceful and natural things of life. Here, the countryside has all sorts of treasures to discover!

A region with a rich heritage

A land full of châteaux and bastides, Lot et Garonne is a wonderful region that is highly prized by people who enjoy history and old artefacts in general. Whether you're visiting villages full of character on the banks of the Dordogne or unusual market towns such as Sarlat, whether you're enjoying the charms of the fortified bastides or the proud and imposing Château de Bonaguil, or whether you're just sitting on a terrace in the shadow of the half-timbered houses, History will be a constant presence during your camping holiday here.

Lifestyle takes pride of place

Here, you're right in the heart of a region that specialises in fine food and lifestyle! All the delights of south-west France are just waiting to be enjoyed here, from foie gras to its prune-based specialities, and not forgetting the duck! During your camping holiday in Lot et Garonne, come and discover the values held dear by this region, made up of traditions and celebrations, bodegas (bagpipes) and horse racing. You can also enjoy all sorts of different regional wines here, including Pecharmant, Monbazillac, Cahors or Duras. All the flavours of the south west in your glass!

Celebrations in the south west

Here, people enjoy their holidays in a different kind of way! The lifestyle of the south west can be experienced even in the smallest village squares! Begleitet von den Klängen der „Bandas“, den typischen lokalen Bläserkapellen, werden Sie angenehme Momente in den hiesigen Bodegas verbringen. This major traditional celebration, which is highly spectacular, brings together people of all ages over a period of several days, in the streets and squares of the town. You'll enjoy a really nice holiday here, in which lifestyle is an important factor!

The flowing Dordogne

The gentle way in which the Dordogne flows by between its wide banks gives an impression of peace and serenity, giving your holiday a lovely touch of relaxation. The quality of its water makes it a great place for swimming from one of its managed but unpatrolled beaches. Why not come and enjoy the river for a spot of fishing or a cruise on board a reconstruction of an old boat or during a canoe trip?

Peace and countryside

A hike along the paths of Lot et Garonne, among the fruit trees and hillsides with gentle valleys is a real delight for the senses. With the subtle scents of the flowers, the clean air filling your lungs and the green landscapes opening up before you, you'll love your holiday in the camping Yelloh! Village Château de Fonrives! Whether it's a walk lasting a few hours or a real hike lasting all day, you're sure to find what you want here.

Prestigious locations

Here, you're in a place that is perfect for walks and hikes. With all sorts of caves, charming villages such as Sarlat and local producers' markets, you'll be overwhelmed with options! All sorts of villages which are listed as some of France’s loveliest, including Monpazier, Monflanquin, Villeréal, Pujols and Belvès will also be an opportunity for a journey back in time. You’ll return home after your camping holiday with a wealth of great memories after your tour of the keep at Gavaudun and of the Château de Bridoire.