Camping Biganos

Set sail for Biganos, in south-western France. This little town in Gironde is located in the Buch region in the heart of the Landes de Gascogne regional natural park. Treat yourself to a visit to this really delightful town during your camping holiday in the Landes!

Do you knows Biganos?

If you're dreaming about exotic and relaxing holidays, then come and see Biganos, close to Arcachon Bay. This town of 10,000 inhabitants is the perfect place for nature lovers. As confirmation, all you need to do is visit its main tourist attraction: the yachting harbour. In fact on a branch of the Eyre River, right in the forest, you'll find a whole host of fishing huts. Built up on stilts against flooding, these colourful dwellings draw all sorts of visitors and artists from the region.

Having strolled along the riverbank and admired the multi-coloured houses, the harbour is an opportunity to enjoy a bite to eat in the form of seafood. Try some of the tasty oysters and other seafood, a real feast for the taste buds. Lovely to gobble with a glass of local white wine!

If you enjoyed your visit to the harbour then that's a good thing, as a second one awaits you! Just a few minutes from Arcachon Bay, looking out to the island of Malprat, the Port des Tuiles makes for an even wilder natural setting.

Did you know?

As mentioned earlier, the Port des Tuiles is a properly unmissable Biganos destination! But did you know where the harbour got its name from? It turns out that Biganos and Arcachon Bay are famous for their lime-coated tiles. This craft involves creating semi-circular tiles with lime and sand.

But what are these tiles for? They provide oyster farmers with a means of collecting naissains, which are young oysters. This is a product for which Arcachon Bay is justly famous. Among other places, the tiles are produced in Biganos and used to leave from the harbour itself before being taken to the bay. So this is where they got their name from.

On the menu?

You know now that people who enjoy walking in natural settings will just love Biganos. Take your time to stroll along the embankments of the two harbours and soak up the peacefulness of the environment. Then you can head for Lac Vert. A footpath more than a kilometre in length encircles the water's edge. Finally, come and have a look around Lecoq park, which is right in the middle of the town. This grass here makes for a great place for the family to play, beneath the sunshine or in a shady spot.

Perhaps you enjoy the speciality titbits of local regions! Whether you're on holiday staying in a Gironde campsite for the weekend or the week, come and see the Halles. Open on Sundays, this is where local producers bring their wares and where you can enjoy tasting some of the best produce of south-west France. And all of this in the convivial atmosphere that is so typical of markets in France.

And finally, people who enjoy group activities will also find just what they're after. When the weather is nice, you can challenge your family or friends to a bit of paintballing. So share your talents when it comes to strategy and precision, in a great atmosphere! But if the weather's not so good, let's not panic! Youngsters will love jumping about like crazy at the indoor trampoline centre. Make the most of the big trampolines and jump as high as you can, then land safely back in the foam pits.

All in all, Biganos has what it takes to please everyone!