Camping Pyla-sur-mer

With its famous and superb 110 metre high sand dune, Pyla-sur-mer provides a fantastic view over the entrance to the Bassin d’Arcachon on one side and the forests and pine trees of Les Landes on the other.
And you could also enjoy an outing to the Ile aux oiseaux, with a landscape which changes according to the tides and with its cabanes tchanquées (timber cabins set on piles). For your next holiday, come and stay on the campsite at Pyla-sur-Mer in the Bassin d'Arcachon!

Holidays in camping Pyla sur Mer

Having been awarded classified status in 1994, the Dune du Pilat will really amaze you; it stretches for more than 500 metres from east to west and for 2.7 kilometres from north to south.

A camping holiday in Pyla sur Mer means enjoying an exceptional natural environment and all sorts of ocean-based activities, with something to suit all age groups during your next holiday staying on the campsite or in rental accommodation.

Come and enjoy a great seaside holiday, with sailing, surfing, diving, paragliding, walking or just spending a day on the beach; there's something for everyone! And if you like hang-gliding, this is the place for you, with the Dune du Pilat the perfect departure point. Come and explore this unique landscape.