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Come to Aquitaine and discover the town of Castillon-la-Bataille: an ancient fortified town, a place with a rich history and cultural heritage! Cradled by the Dordogne, Castillon-la-Bataille is a town of exceptional cultural, historic and natural heritage.

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Camping Castillon-la-Bataille

It has a highly evocative name and was the site of the last battle of the Hundred Years’ War as well as the Wars of Religion. When you take your holidays in the Southwest of France come and discover the architectural wonders of this ancient fortified town: the Church of Saint-Symphorien, the Iron Gate, etc.

Located among famous vineyards, Castillon-la-Bataille is also famous for its prestigious wine. It even has its own appellation ‘Les Côtes de Castillon’. And when it comes to the local cuisine, you will also find lots to delight your taste buds. Local specialities include: rib-eye steak with Bordelaise sauce, the blueback herring, etc. So, if you want to bring all your senses to life, set course for Castillon-la-Bataille!