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Constructed on the shores of the Arcachon basin, the town of Arcachon is a breath of sea air

This summer, why not choose Arcachon, beside the ocean, and explore this multi-facetted town with its variety of attractive features, including the Ville d'Hiver with its ornate villas on Allée Faust and the auction, with all sorts of different species of fish, while the watersports available will give your holiday an Atlantic flavour. Here, come and see the oyster farming huts and the houses built on piles on the Ile aux Oiseaux with its protected coastline and wonderful wild beauty, or why not come and enjoy all the watersports activities available in Arcachon!

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And a pleasant way of rounding off the day is a stroll along the town centre's fascinating streets, with their colonial-style buildings, or how about a visit to the splendid Château Deganne, which is now a highly-reputed casino. A camping holiday in Arcachon means relaxation and outdoor activities for the whole family in a camping Yelloh! Village.

Wonderful food will also feature prominently during your camping holiday in Arcachon. While fish and shellfish will certainly be on the menu, oysters, in various forms, will certainly be taking centre stage during the meals you can enjoy in a wide variety of restaurants beside the beach. Whether they are part of a marinade, a fondue, stuffed, with vinegar or something else entirely, there are all sorts of different ways to enjoy them!