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Camping Montignac – Lascaux

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Visiting Lascaux means travelling back in time and getting to know prehistoric man! Lascaux and Montignac are small towns in the Dordogne which are famous throughout the world, due to the existence here of a cave which was once occupied by prehistoric man. Although you can no longer visit the original cave, the finest dating back to Prehistory, for reasons involving preservation, replicas provide an opportunity to see the highly impressive animal paintings on the walls. Your children will love thee amazingly realistic and moving drawings of horses, deer, bison, bears and more.

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Holidays in camping Montignac – Lascaux

As well as learning about our history, your camping holiday in Lascaux will be an opportunity to discover the countryside of the Périgord Noir, with all sorts of hiking trails passing through the wide valleys, the cool shade of the forests and winding round its various rivers and streams. And during your walks, you'll be able to visit medieval fortresses and Renaissance castles which abound here. History is all around you!

And the flavours and tastes of Montignac and Lascaux should not be missed either, with the wonderful local food, featuring foie gras, truffles and walnuts. Don't forget that here you are in a region which is well-known for the quality of its food!


Camping Montignac – Lascaux

Camping in Montignac-Lascaux also means outdoor activities and things for people of all ages to come and discover! With canoeing on the Dordogne, horse riding, caving, mountain biking, archery, climbing and more, there's something for everyone here!