Camping Bergerac

Countryside, culture and wonderful food: the town of Bergerac has all sorts of attractive features!
Come and enjoy a holiday in the Bergerac region and its variety of attractive features. Here, countryside and heritage take pride of place. Located on St James' Way, its ancient stones bear the marks of a rich history. During your camping holiday close to Bergerac, why not take a stroll through the town centre, with its ancient, sunlit buildings and half-timbered 15th century houses? And you shouldn't miss a detour along the embankment of the Dordogne River; maybe you'll feel like setting foot aboard one of the traditional local boats called gabarres, for a cruise on the river, as the wine and timber merchants used to do in days gone by!

Holidays in camping Bergerac 

The wide, calm Dordogne River straightaway gives the impression of serene power. Its peaceful shores, the quality of its water and its various beaches mean you can take a dip right next to Bergerac itself! You can also go for a hike along the shores of the Dordogne during your camping holiday in Bergerac; a wonderful stroll in the countryside!

From Bergerac, there are all sorts of hiking routes to enjoy while you discover the Dordogne, just as so many visitors have done before you. Take a deep breath of fresh air on holiday in Bergerac! Take some time to enjoy the various fortified towns and castles surrounding the town, reminders of past centuries with their own tales to tell.

Bergerac is also the food capital of Périgord, with foie gras, hazelnuts, honey, patés, walnuts and lots more, cooking is everything here! And you really shouldn't leave this place before tasting some of its fabulous wines, including Monbazillac and Coteaux de Bergerac!