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Camping water slides

Come and discover the slides in the swimming pools at our Yelloh! Village. Where swimming will be pure enjoyment!

Campsites with aquatic parks!

Enjoy the thrills of the water slides with Yelloh! Village. Adults and children alike will be able to slide at full speed and jump into the swimming pool at full force. Turn swimming into a true aquatic adventure!
For toddlers, our camping villages have a paddling pool to guarantee maximum enjoyment for all the family!


Our campsites provide a whole host of aquatic experiences to enjoy on your own or with others, with aquatic parks, each one lovelier than the last! We are proud to show off the splendid waterslides in our bathing areas, as they mean old and young alike will be able to enjoy amazing adventures and head home with some great memories!

Waterslides for everyone!

At Yelloh! Village, there'll be something for everyone. For more competitively-minded holidaymakers looking to challenge their brothers and sisters, our campsites have waterslides with up to 4 lanes! And for people who are always looking for that bit more, some villages have aqua domes with lots of waterslides, while other villages have waterslides up to 75 metres long that they'll love! Thrill seekers will be kept busy too, with our steep waterslides and Space Hole waterslides: a real adrenaline rush! And for people looking for something a bit different when it comes to sliding, come and try out our aquatic parks with waterslides that have rubber rings!


To make sure smaller children can enjoy themselves as much as their older brothers and sisters in total safety, our campsites have aquasplashes and aquatic games areas with mini waterslides too.

Treat yourselves to a real aquafun adventure with the family or with your friends during your next holiday staying in a campsite with a covered aquatic park!

Enjoy the simple pleasures of the countryside

Live life to its full!


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