Campsites with indoor pools

Discover the Yelloh! Village campsites with covered swimming pools, so you can really make the most of the pleasure of being in the water!

Covered and heated swimming pools to make the most of it all year round!

So you can fully enjoy the benefits of the water, whatever the weather or season, Yelloh! Village campsites have covered and heated swimming pools. Whether you're enjoying a holiday in the mountains, by the sea or in the countryside, you can be sure your children will love being able to go swimming from the day the campsite opens its doors to the day it shuts up shop. Hours of entertainment during your Yelloh! Village holiday!


No more need to wait until the last minute and the latest weather forecasts that may turn out to be wrong and wreck your holiday! Our aquatic parks with covered swimming pool mean you can now book your holidays in advance with the assurance of being able to enjoy the water in the best of conditions! Some of our aquatic complexes in our campsites also have an aquatic games area and sheltered waterslides, so you can have a lovely time with the family whatever the weather.


The covered and heated bathing areas also mean the freedom to set off wherever you want, whenever you want. So no more endless discussions and compromises when it comes to choosing whether you'll stay by the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains: You'll be able to enjoy the water even when you're inland or staying somewhere up high! No more need to have to set off in the middle of summer either from now on, as skiing and being in the water in mid winter is now a real option!

Below is a complete list of Yelloh! Village campsites with covered and heated swimming pools for really enjoying your stay to the full!

Some swimming pools that are within the Spa & Balneo areas of the villages are subject to additional entrance fees.

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