Come and experience glamping in the South of France

Goodbye camping and welcome glamping! This is a highly memorable way to discover the South of France with all its charms. And you will still find all the amenities that make Yelloh! Village campsites so successful.

The songs of the crickets, a warm sun all around, the colours and flavours of Provence, little charming villages, Mediterranean beaches for the ultimate sunbathing experience, etc. There’s no doubt about it – this is the South of France!

When you decide to take your holiday here in the south, why not try glamping? The combination of glamorous, original and ultra-comfortable accommodation with the joy of camping, the landscapes and nature are your guarantee of an exceptional holiday.

Everything has been conceived to ensure that your glamping holiday in the South of France is a total treat for you: upmarket amenities, exceptional accommodation, highly reputed aquatic parks, entertainment for all the family, etc. When it comes to glamping nothing is too good for you.

Choose the glamping option for your next holiday, you will be able to profit from the magnificent combination of the enchanting nature of the South of France and the comfort and cachet of an upmarket open-air hotel.

You’ll soon discover how much camping has changed – for the delight of all holidaymakers.

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