This summer work on your swing!

Looking for activities for your next stay? Discover golf, the sport for every age and every level.

A sport that is ideal for campsite holidays

During a holiday on a campsite everyone enjoys taking advantage of green spaces and sunshine. Walks take on a calm, tranquil pace. Holidays are also ideal periods to enjoy the company of family or friends in recreational activities.

But did you know this can all happen in one single activity? Or rather a sport. GOLF!  It should be said that the activity is appealing. To start with, the setting is very pleasant. Trees, perfectly cut grass and surrounding water, the courses transport us into a relaxing bubble.

Something for everyone


The other advantage of golf is that it is accessible to all. Hitting a golf ball is possible at any age.

Use your next holiday to try it out. Many Yelloh! Village campsites are close to golf courses. You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to enjoy being on the green.

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The mini-golf alternative


If you don’t think you have reached a high enough standard or 18 holes seems too much, then don't worry. You will find the perfect alternative directly on our campsites: mini-golf. The flagship holiday activity, playing the miniature version is a guarantee of having fun.

As a family or among friends, avoid the obstacles and try to get the ball in the hole in one! Finally, tradition dictates that the winner pays for drinks. That will extend this convivial moment!

So are you ready for golf?

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