It’s time to play!

You know how to swim? Then it’s time to come and play! For guaranteed splashes and shrieks of laughter, here are a few swimming pool games to test with the family.

The race from hell

Number of players: 3 per leg

In the swimming pool: 3 participants. On the edge: 3 friends to time you.

On your marks, ready, steady... Swim! Easy? Think again! Because for the 1st crossing, the swimmers aren’t allowed to move their feet. For the 2nd, they have to sing as they swim. And it’s only for the 3rd and last leg that they can cross the pool doing a classic breast stroke. See who has the best score and, to make it even more fun, take a photo of their expressions as each participant arrives at the finish. Whose expression will be the funniest after all that effort?

Treasure Islands

Number of players: 2 teams of 1 to 5 players

To prepare the game, place several weighted objects on the bottom of the pool (rings or sticks): these make up the treasure. Place two baskets at the edge of the pool: these are your teams’ islands. Each team has to collect as many objects as possible and place them on their “island”. Be careful not to pick the wrong island as you get out! And to make it just a little more complicated, the players operate as a relay team. It’s only when the 1st diver has put a ring safely on their island that the 2nd diver can set off.


Number of players: 6 to 15

The players hold hands in the swimming pool to make a circle. A ball is placed in the centre, at an equal distance from each player: it’s a shark! The aim of the game: to push the shark as far away from you as possible, of course! You can blow it, jump up and down or make waves to move it away, but if it touches you you’re out of the game. So the circle gets smaller... and the shark gets dangerously ever-closer.

Articulate when you dive!

Number of players: 2 to 6

One of the players thinks of a word, without telling the others. Everyone dives into the water and the player who chose the word has to pronounce it... under water. The others have to try to guess the word. If you want to make it more complicated, try replacing the word by a whole sentence.

Relax, we’ve got it all in hand!

Number of players: unlimited

Running out of ideas? No worries, let your Yelloh! Village do the thinking for you! There’s never any shortage of activities organised in the campsite swimming pools. Aquabike, aquagym, water polo... plan your schedule for the week. Here with us you’ll never be a fish out of water!

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