Camping Sant Pere Pescador

Beside a river, in the middle of a protected natural location and right next to one of the loveliest bays of the Mediterranean: the town of Sant Pere Pescador is an opportunity to discover all the delights of Catalan Spain! And you're about to fall in love with it too!
You'll also be able to make the most of your stay by visiting the highly characteristic local towns of Roses and L’Escala, just beside Sant Pere Pescador. Their beaches are certainly worth a visit too!

Camping holidays Sant Pere Pescador

Here, all the elements come together and blend to produce a simply superb town! Surrounded by exceptional natural spaces, Sant Pere Pescador, with its 6 km of beach, will be an opportunity to really enjoy nature, in all its forms.

From the town, you'll be able to set off for a short hike alongside the River Fluvià, on foot or by bike, as a way of discovering the wide-open natural spaces and orchards loaded with fruit, just beside Sant Pere Pescador. Its coastline, beaches and sand dunes are also well worth a look! There's a good reason why Sant Pere Pescador is very well known among waterskiing, wakeboarding, sea kayaking and windsurfing enthusiasts. You'll also be able to have a go yourself, or perhaps watch the world windsurfing championships, which are held on its beaches every year.

Camping Sant Pere Pescador

Coming to see the charming little town of Sant Pere Pescador also means taking some time to really enjoy your holiday! And don't forget to pay a quick visit to the highly characteristic local market along the river and beneath the shade of the trees. You really will get your fill of local colours, scents, smells and flavours!

And for those who like old buildings and monuments, Sant Pere Pescador is also home to a few historic monuments,  including the parish church dating back to 1692, the pretty little chapel of Sant Sebastià and the imposing Casa Caramany, which is where the former mediaeval castle used to stand.