Camping Sallertaine

Discover Sallertaine, a tranquil village in the Vendée. A place where many artisans have set up shop, so inspirational are the surroundings.

Have you been to Sallertaine?


Just a stone's throw from Noirmoutier, in the beautiful Vendée countryside, the village of Sallertaine is a real gem for anyone seeking peace and quiet. With traditional houses, marshes, water and the Moulin de Rairé windmill in particular, it’s a fascinating place to explore on foot.

Of course, these are all simple pleasures. But they are authentic. This makes Sallertaine the ideal place to switch off from everyday life, but more importantly, to reconnect with nature. This is what numerous artisans did, when they took up residence in Sallertaine.

So, as you walk around, you can visit numerous workshops to admire their work and discover rare treasures. Here, innovation is a goal. But it’s not a matter of achieving it in any old way. The mission is only successful if it allows traditional techniques to be developed and maintained.


Did you know…?


As mentioned above, the village of Sallertaine is located about 30 minutes from the island of Noirmoutier. But did you know that Sallertaine was once an island? This explains why there are so many waterways in the village. The Grand Étier and the streams that flow from it are traces of this island past.




The advantage of Sallertaine is that it is possible to explore the village in different ways. For those who enjoy walking, it is easy to do so. Cyclists will have a great setting for exploring the natural environment by bike.

Whatever your preference, it is highly recommended that you complete your visit with a trip on the water and hire a canoe. Guided walks start on foot, on the old island, before embarking in a canoe to learn more about the history of Sallertaine. All this while enjoying the splendid views that the activity offers.


Complete your exploration by browsing the artisans’ boutiques. As members of the artisan association "l'Île aux Artisans", they express their passion for their respective fields, as well as the expertise required by all these techniques. The village is attached to this principle, as Sallertaine is home to the Moulin de Rairé, the only windmill in France that has never ceased to operate.