Camping Saint Jean de Monts

Enjoy an exciting holiday in Saint-Jean-de Monts, with its countryside and heritage.
Why not make use of the town of Saint Jean de Monts in a way that fits its initial purpose as a harbour opening out to the ocean, the great beyond and adventure! Every day, trips to the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier are organised. Exotic, wild, protected and thoroughly amazing, they'll give your camping holiday in Vendée a touch of adventure!

Your camping holiday in Saint-Jean-de-Monts

The splendour and magic of Vendée's Côte de Lumière (coast of light) awaits you at Saint-Jean-de-Monts. Holidaymakers know it and they make no mistake about it: during the summer months, this small seaside resort is very popular, lively and buzzing!

Saint-Jean-de-Monts is avowedly focused on the Atlantic Ocean, its beaches and the vast, deep blue sea: a walk along its huge, fine sand beach, eight km in length, will demonstrate this! And you could make the most of it by doing some sand yachting; always an exciting thing to do!

Here, you'll also be in the perfect spot for fully enjoying the way of life of the Vendée people: so sit back on a terrace looking out to sea, and try the local doughnuts, oysters or a plate of Mogette beans, washed down with a local beer or some kamok, which is a coffee-flavoured liqueur. And don't forget to try Vendée's préfou, a delicious type of flavoured bread! You'll soon acquire a taste for Vendée's great food during your family camping holiday!

The region's actual roots and origins that go back through the mists of time are found beside the town of Saint Jean de Monts: just on the edge of town, you'll find intriguing landscapes comprising marshes and grassland. A gentle outing, on foot or by bike, will give you a taste of the multitude of treasures located here.