Camping La Roche sur Yon

Welcome to the capital of Vendée, between the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the Vendée countryside. The town of la Roche sur Yon is a must-see during your camping holiday in Vendée! The pretty town centre, with its architecture dating back to the Napoleonic era, the lake and the Yon valley are just some of the destinations to enjoy during some unforgettable trips here.

Holidays in camping La Roche sur Yon

When you come and visit the town, you'll have an opportunity to discover the culture and very essence of inland Vendée, as La Roche sur Yon is 40 minutes' drive from Vendée's main beaches. Here, you can enjoy walking, cycling, mountain biking, canoeing on the Yon, exploring the urban heritage of la Roche sur Yon and more.

With its geometrically planned streets, its grand public buildings, its huge central square and more, this is a really unique location and a lovely place to come and see.

Enjoying a camping holiday in La Roche sur Yon means above all lots of fresh air. The countryside blends in with the town here, and you can enjoy all sorts of open spaces, or just come and relax, sitting on a bench on the riverbank.

Camping La Roche sur Yon

And as you walk around, in all the streets, squares and buildings, you'll be able to feel the presence of Napoleon himself, as it was he who shaped it and made it a less isolated location.