Camping Bonifacio

Set in an oasis of turquoise blue waters, Bonifacio is an enchanting and fascinating town. Come and discover it!

Bonifacio is a concentrate of Mediterranean towns. Perched on a vertiginous clifftop on the Southern coast of Corsica between the sea and scrubland, Bonifacio is the southernmost town in France!

It was built around a thousand-year-old citadel and is called the ‘clifftop town’ and when you come here you take a wonderful journey back in time. 8,500 years of history await you here in this open-air museum that is a blend of charming little streets and historic buildings. Over an area of just six hectares you will find no less than 40 heritage sites! As you wander along the wall-walk of Bonifacio, you will take in vertiginous views of the sea and fall under the spell of the beauty of this extraordinary town – just a hop, skip, and a jump from Sardinia.

Camping holidays Bonifacio

Bonifacio is also set in a breathtaking natural environment : along its 120 kilometres of coastline, you will find beautiful beaches of fine sand, from small hidden beaches to more popular ones, all with beautiful turquoise blue waters to swim in.

And why not go on a boat trip or rent a water scooter or a kayak and visit the innumerable islands and caves around the town: the ambiance is extraordinary. The sea and land around Bonifacio are part of a protected nature reserve.

Take a few moments to savour the holiday ambiance on a terrace, in a bar, or at a table in a restaurant in the old town; there are also great discoveries to be made in the food and wines of Bonifacio. And we hope you will have the chance to visit the market of Bonifacio on Tuesday morning: colours, flavours and local accents abound.