Camping Gipuzkoa

Very close to the border and in the heart of the Basque region, between the sea and the mountains, the Gipuzkoa region will be the place for a Spanish-style holiday!

Camping holidays Gipuzkoa

Maybe you haven't managed to decide between a seaside holiday and a stay in the mountains? If you opt for a stay in Gipuzkoa you'll be able to enjoy all the pleasures of the ocean as well as the inland region!

This makes it the perfect destination for enjoying the superb beaches of the Cantabrian coast and the ocean waves, as well as for walks along the very many hiking trails of the Aralar and Aiako Harria nature reserves. From their 1000 m heights, you'll take in some amazing views!

In a single day, you'll be able to go hiking in the mountains inland, and then go bathing in the sea!


Camping Gipuzkoa

During your holidays in Gipuzkoa, all sorts of unusual towns will be unveiling their delights to you! San Sebastián, with its inimitable atmosphere, its old town with its proudly displayed Basque origins, and Zarautz and Hondarribia, on the coast, will give you an insight into this region's very soul. Children love San Sebastián's big aquarium, while adults will be perfectly catered for at Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum.

You'll also be able to stop by at Pasai Donibane, a little fishing town just beside San Sebastian, which is undoubtedly one of the region's loveliest areas, with some quite fantastic views!

The Gipuzkoa region is also renowned for its restaurants and its wonderful food. Make the most of your camping stay and try some of its famous pintxos, which make for really delicious tapas!

Heritage and architecture will also feature strongly during your holiday. Come and enjoy the amazing basilica of Loiola and the Antigua hermitage, with their Roman and Baroque designs, and see the sanctuary of Arantzazu, with its avant garde architecture! 


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