Camping Ariège

People who love this Earth have no further to look for their next holiday destination. A camping holiday in Ariège is just what you need.

Holidays in camping Ariège

Not far from Andorra, in the central Pyrenees, Ariège has more historical and natural highlights than you may have thought.

In the cool mornings you can enjoy eating your breakfast at the foot of the Pyrenees. You could then take part in a transhumance, in which horses, cattle and sheep, led by shepherds and their dogs, are taken up to the green pastureland of the mountains. Seeing the animals moving off towards the peaks, one behind the other, is always an unusual and stirring sight. Throughout the summer, you can come and enjoy the gentle Ariège climate with its wide expanses of countryside.

"Naturally irresistible", Ariège completely submerges you in an island of paradise. Come and explore its various countryside and wildlife parks. Come and enjoy the reptile farm at la Bastide de Sérou, the enchanting wolves at Orlu and escape to the Château de Lordat with its eagles soaring overhead. The simplicity of a camping holiday in Ariège is a great way to really enjoy an amazing array of different feelings.

In Ariège, you can spend the day on a farm or a day experiencing prehistory. The various caves dating from the Upper Paleolithic period still contain the drawings, tools and weapons of early man. For a journey back even further in time, the Forêt des Dinosaures will take you to the era of our greatest predators. Come and enjoy seeing these huge animals, which walked the Earth long before our own species even existed.

Camping Ariège

Ariège means getting back to life's basics, made even more gorgeous by the intensity of the emotions you'll experience.

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