Camping in Minorca

Probably the Balearics’ most protected island, Minorca is ideal for nature lovers.

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Say goodbye to mass tourism, concrete-backed beaches and huge hotel buildings when you come and stay in Minorca. Natural and authentic, this is a place that has retained its original spirit and identity, which now has UNESCO status as a genuine ecological reserve.

Your holiday in Minorca will be unlike any other you've experienced! During your camping holiday on this least-frequented Balearic island, this is an opportunity to enjoy various delights and gems on a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean. With an area of 700 km², and just a fifty or so kilometres from east to west, Minorca has all sorts of landscapes to discover.

From its fine sand beaches to its rocky inlets, and with little paths winding through the oak forests and olive groves, and the mountain of El Toro, 358 metres in height, Minorca's landscapes are thoroughly Mediterranean and amazingly varied.

People who enjoy History and Heritage will love it here, with reminders of its prehistoric, Roman, Arabic, Pirate and English settlers, all of whom have left their mark, and of whom you'll be reminded every time you take a stroll.

Camping Minorca

Sunshine, countryside, way of life, history and more are what make Minorca such a prized destination for European tourists!

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