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Children come first in our campings and holiday villages

Yelloh! Kids and Yelloh! Juniors Clubs

From our opening to our closing, our organising teams invite them to join in the organised activities on offer. They are various play activities adapted to their age group, from 5 to 7 years for Yelloh! Kids and from 8 to 12 years for Yelloh! Juniors. To expend their energy your children can discover and try a myriad of sporting activities, from team sports to water sports or archery via mountain-biking.

For nature discovery, our organisers will take them fishing on foot, for walks, or to discover farm animals. Depending on its characteristics, camping offers children different themes. Whether by the sea, by a river, in the countryside or in the mountains, all our beautiful regions hold treasures to be discovered.

And if your children have artistic talents, let them express them in the manual activities clubs, going from painting to modelling via the creation of disguises, and in the shows they will put on for you. They will surprise you by singing and dancing in front of all the parents. A holiday is also the opportunity to discover new passions.

See the list of Yelloh! Village campsites with Kids' and Juniors' clubs !


At each of our campsites, children can find their mascot, Yellito. Our nice squirrel with the colours of Yelloh! Village zips around the campsite and invites toddlers to take part in organised activity and in the village's good spirits. He takes part in the organised activities, sings and dances with the children and tells them stories.

Join the party with Yellito for a holiday filled with memories. At some campsites you will find our little Yellitos as red and yellow soft toys to cuddle and Yellito coloured drawings as souvenirs of the good times spent in the company of our nice mascot.