Sport, yes, but amongst friends!

The most important thing in any sport is that feeling of sharing and conviviality, no? Sport on your own is fine. But playing together is even better! So gather your family and friends and prepare for a great slice of fabulous sporting fun!

Why playing as a team beats playing on your own

Being together, working out a strategy, giving your all to do the best you can and help your team to victory. Living the same emotions, sharing the same competitive spirit... are some of the greatest benefits of every team sport.

Your arm around the shoulders of your team-mates, plotting how to impress your opponents. Concentration on the pitch, muscles taut, mind alert, knowing you’re right in the heart of the action. Free from the weight of everyday worries, giving the game all you’ve got, pulling no punches and determined to surpass yourself as never before... Or maybe, relaxed and amateur, bungles and blunders as you fluff it and your mates collapse in laughter! Whichever you are, those matches and team games are certain to take pride of place in your album of holiday memories. Because they’re the champions when it comes to enjoying moments of intense happiness like that!

The proof? Here are just a few examples of team sports to light up your holiday.

Spike and strategy: volleyball

Looking for action? You have a ball? Yelloh! Village has the pitch, so all you need to do now is make up your teams. And, as you’ll see, volleyball really isn’t very complicated, and it’s fun and laughter guaranteed!

Onto the court, everyone in place and… serve! Pass here, then pass again (Careful! Not more than three!) up to the net, spike and smash it to the floor. It’s a kill! Great team work, you can be proud of yourselves! The all-essential third half-time to chew over the match and debrief with the opposing team, and that’s your afternoon well-filled! And of course, there’s also the summer version, warm sand beneath your feet: the unmissable beach volleyball!

The Yelloh! Village campsites with volleyball court

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Stamina and splashes: water polo

It’s really just too hot for sport? Unless... how about if we head for the pool? The principle? Slicing through the water like a dolphin, ball in hand. The aim: passing between team members to score a goal... at the opposing end of course!

  1. First step: get together 6 players and a goalkeeper for each team and position yourselves in the swimming pool.
  2. Second step: place the ball in the centre and the game begins. Which team will grab the ball first? Suspense... But watch out! You’re not allowed to hold the ball with two hands. You now have 30 seconds to try to score a goal... Beyond that the ball goes to the opposing team.

Well, that’s the official version anyway. The family version is a bit more “anything goes”, so you’re allowed to splash your opponents and carry the youngest on your shoulders... over to you to invent your own water polo rules, holiday-style!

Concentration and laughter: pétanque

The sun gently slips towards the horizon. The air feels a little cooler, it’s nearly aperitif time. Pairs begin to form.

In need of an extra player? Quick, go and fetch a neighbour. Now all we need is a little path, nice and straight, something covered in fine gravel or smooth sand... ok, that’s the court sorted. And for the equipment? Nothing very complicated there either: shorts, vest, espadrilles, beret... oh, and a set of chrome-plated boules. Let the match begin!

Amongst boules players there is always the “pro” ready to tell everyone else how to do it, the “timid” who drops the jack just in front of their feet and the “strong but silent” who lines up one perfect throw after another but never says a word. Each time the ambience is totally unique. And each year, the game of boules provides that essential holiday ritual, lighting up the quiet alleys of the Yelloh! Village campsites with its little “clacks” and bursts of laughter!

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