Terrific holidays in camping for children and teenagers

Yelloh! Village Clubs

"A holiday with my new friends! ".

New friends for every holiday, wonderful encounters, games, entertainment all day long with activity leaders who are funny, kind and captivating.

The 0-4, 5-7, 8-12 and 13-17 age groups all have their own holiday world in our camping-villages. Games, activities, swimming, souvenirs, friends... From the moment you arrive, the children will take to their designated club.

A holiday unlike any other

For your children, going to Yelloh! Village is an exceptional adventure. To be in a camping village where they can try new sports, make new friends and move around independently, that's the holiday in Yelloh! Color. Removed from their daily routine, they can explore new ground and little by little gain some independence in relation to their parents. Go now to our camping villages' child pages to discover all the surprises we have in store for you.

Children's bonus

Children are our little darlings!

Whether you're camping or renting, Yelloh! Village offers a Children's Bonus. For camping, space is free all year for children under 3 years and in low season for children under 7 years. The baby kit (bed + chair) is free in and accomodation troughout the season!


Our red and yelloh mascot, Yellito, is in our campsites to welcome and play with the children. He has a little message for them : "I'm sure you love laughing, singing and dancing, so we're soon going to be the best of friends! I'm Yellito and all I think about is having fun in clubs made for us children. There's even evening entertainment laid on especially for children.... Don't hang about, come and join me for the greatest holiday ever!"