Tiny tots have a place of their own in our campings: Yelloh! Babies for babies and small children

Only for the little ones

We have created this Yelloh! Babies 0-4 years concept, to respond to parents' expectations. Do not hesitate to go on holiday even if you have a baby or very young children. Yelloh! Village makes life easier for you. We have reinvented our infrastructure to welcome your youngest child in full comfort in complete safety under their parents' supervision.

See the list of Yelloh! Village campsites with Babies' clubs !

The joys of the water

Your little ones also like the water. To let them stay cool and play calmly, most of our Yelloh! Village campsites are equipped with paddling pools. These gently-sloping small baths have no choppiness, so that your little ones can become familiar with the water, under your supervision, and are sometimes equipped with a small waterfall for a taste of adventure.

At Le Sérignan Plage, you will find a heated, covered pool reserved for young children. In a pool 1.40-m deep, the baby experiences in his parents' arms a different sensation from the paddling pool, that of immersion. You will spend hours in this privileged spot, protected from sun and wind, watching your little children laugh and discover the pleasures of the water.

At Le Ranolien campsite, you will find free booster cushions and baby beds in all periods.

We make your luggage lighter! You will find in our Children's Bonus the Baby Kit, a baby chair and bed offered all season in and rental units.

And don't forget that camping space is free all year for children under 3 years and in low season for those under 7.

Specially adapted recreation areas

Your little ones need to play and learn in a safe environment, equipped with games on their scale. Your children will find little pals of their own age in a colourful play setting, under your supervision.

At L'Océan Breton campsite, you will find an area equipped with games specifically for young children. At Le Sérignan Plage campsite, a house is specially equipped with a games area for the under 4s, called “The little ones’ house”. Heated or air-conditioned depending on the season, it contains games specially adapted to your baby’s early learning. 

Outdoor games areas

Our campsites have numerous specific open-air games areas to enable your children to play near your accommodation. Play is a special time in your child's life; it promotes the learning of independence, coordination and relating to others. Your little ones also need to expend energy and to learn in safe, pleasant surroundings. Little horses, slides and roundabouts in order to play together in complete safety under their parents' supervision.

Toilet facilities for babies

You will find all the little things you need with a baby or small child, changing tables, and sometimes spacious toilet facilities adapted for their age group. We have made a special effort to install suitable nurseries, places designed for the well-being of children and comfort of parents.