Teenagers in camping: on holiday, everyone does their own thing

An opportunity to make new friends!

For teenagers, going to Yelloh! Village combines a family holiday with sporting activities supervised by our organisers and evenings with pals. Your teens will want to come back as it's the perfect balance between sporting contests, shows, friends rediscovered year after year, and good family times. Summer is the time to take a breather, skip the routine and change your relationship with your teenagers.

In the campsite area, they will have time to themselves during their family holiday. During the day, they can do sports or other activities with friends, and in some campsites in the evening they can go dancing and enjoy themselves in discotheques specially designed for their age group.

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An account by Marie, 15, staying at the Yelloh! Village le Fayolan

I’ll have unforgettable memories of the week I spent at Le Fayolan!

I enjoyed spending time with my family every morning. We visited the wonderful landscapes of the Jura, with its plants and trees, lakes and mountains; it was really great!

Every afternoon I met up with my new friends for the activities arranged by the organisers of the Yelloh! Teens club, who were really nice.

We had such a great time playing volleyball on the campsite beach, and we made up a great winning team!

I played Paintball for the first time, which was really good fun. And I was also lucky enough to try out some new dances with my friends, with salsa, zumba, rock and others, while the boys went off to play football on the campsite’s multisports ground. Adventure tree-climbing in the middle of the forest beside the campsite was really fun! It had various different routes, so there was something for everyone!

At the end of the day, I went to the pool to relax with my friends or family, which was really nice, before going off to enjoy the evening entertainment.

It was a really festive and nice holiday from start to finish! We all got together at the end of the evening for a dance in the discothèque. Even my parents came along!