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Life in the green

The holidays have arrived, so forget the concrete, the stress, the pollution and everything else that assaults your mind and body! It’s time for a little green therapy!

Green everywhere you look

Green is the colour of life. Whether it’s the grass, trees, plants or flowers it all contributes to our well-being, wonderful fresh air and all-essential oxygen. The French have certainly got it right when they talk about “going green” to mean that they’re off to recharge the batteries in the country... Because it’s when we reconnect with nature that we are revitalised, not only physically and mentally but also psychologically and emotionally. A walk in the forest, hiking through the mountain pines, picnicking in the midst of the fields or enjoying a siesta in an orchard or meadow... Simple ideas that are quite enough to bring us an unequalled feeling of appeasement and serenity.

So, during the holidays, reconnect with nature and with yourself. See life in the green! By choosing a spot where the vegetation is lush and abundant you’ll soon see the difference, there’s nothing better for boosting both body and mind, and eliminating all that stress and tension.

Green on your plate

And when it comes to eating, green can also work wonders for your health! Green fruit and vegetables are renowned for their many virtues. Spinach increases oxygen levels, kiwis have a draining effect, courgettes help lower blood cholesterol, broccoli and green cabbage are good for eyesight, peas are bursting with vitamin B and carbs, and even seaweed is good for us!

So make the most of your holiday to fill your plate with all the seasonal green vegetables that you’ll find near the campsite! And preparing them in a whole variety of different ways doubles the pleasure... serve them raw or cooked, with or without meat, each has its advantages! 

Green within

Going green doesn’t just mean rolling in the grass and eating lettuce! No, either you’re green inside... or you’re not!

When you let a little green into your life, you stop ruminating all the time (if we can put it like that!), it becomes easier to switch off and free the mind, fatigue disappears more quickly. The proof? Studies have shown that hospital patients able to see trees from their window, asked for fewer painkillers! Incredible, no? Yes, but logical given that when we are in contact with nature the body releases endorphins that make us feel so much better. So when you’ve got time in lieu or even just a day off, head straight for the country! For the holidays, choose a destination where nature rules, and for everyday life make the most of your house plants, cacti or simply a bunch of flowers!

So what could be better than a stay in one of the campsites below, to enjoy all the advantages of being in the green?!

For the holidays, choose a destination where nature rules :

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