Camping Montclus

Right in the heart of the Gard, in the Occitanie region, hides a charming village that is more than worth a visit: Montclus. So come and push open the doors of this little gem, and discover all it has to offer.

Do you know Montclus? Listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France, Montclus lies within the district of Nîmes and on the attractive banks of the River Cèze. This picturesque village, surrounded by vines, fields of lavender and woodlands, simply breathes peace and tranquillity. A little corner of paradise out of time, where incredible landscapes and a rich architectural heritage blend in total harmony. The past is still clearly visible in Montclus, with its mediaeval houses, narrow streets and the towering keep of its ancient castle that continues to stand guard over the village. There’s no doubt about it, you can’t fail to be enchanted by this little town, one that seems to have stepped straight out of the Middle Ages. How to describe the village of Montclus: nature at its most luxuriant, fascinating history and amazing heritage. Come and spend a day, it’s all you’ll need to fall in love with it!


What to see and do? Simply wander the steep narrow streets of the mediaeval village, as you marvel at its many traditional stone houses and admire the magnificent view over its surrounding nature and the River Cèze. But don’t take our word for it, come and appreciate it for yourself. If you’re something of a history buff, then don’t miss exploring the remains of the fortified castle built back in 1275: a square keep and high stone walls are all that now remain. The village’s rich past can also be seen in the hall of the former Benedictine monastery, founded by the Knights Templar. It will leave you with so many fascinating memories to take away. Nature-lover? There is plenty for you as well! Discover the Mas du Grand Galès, a listed historical monument and agricultural estate reached along a driveway bordered by fruit trees and lush greenery. A particularly pleasant walk to enjoy with the family. And to end this wonderful day, take a stroll along the banks of the Cèze, between vines and lavender, to admire the village from a different angle. So, which do you prefer, history or nature?