Camping La Grande Motte

This new town, which was built beside the sea, is undoubtedly one of the coast’s major tourist attractions. The reputation of la Grande Motte precedes it. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists from all over Europe choose to spend their holiday on its fine sand beaches beside the Mediterranean. With blue skies, sunshine, beaches stretching away into the distance and the waves of the Mediterranean, your camping holiday in la Grande Motte will allow you a taste of the pleasures to be found on the coastline of Languedoc Roussillon, between the Camargue and Montpellier.

Holidays in camping La Grande Motte

Throughout your stay here, special attention will be paid to your wellbeing and comfort, with miles of tended, clean and patrolled beaches for the whole family to enjoy, with great facilities and events taking place throughout the summer for children and teenagers, as well as all sorts of watersports activities, from kitesurfing to paragliding, for older people, so there's a huge choice of things to do!

Camping La Grande Motte

Your camping holiday in the new town of la Grande Motte will be an opportunity for a whole new way of enjoying your time here. Everything is in place here for holidaymakers, to ensure all their needs, requests and desires are catered for. This town was built with them in mind, and it doesn't let you down! With sunshine, beaches and sea, when you choose a camping holiday in la Grande Motte, you'll find all the ingredients you need for a fantastic holiday!