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Are you staying in a campsite in the Aveyron? Looking for a place to explore with the family? We have a delightful village to introduce you to: Creissels.

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Do you know Creissels? This is a small mediaeval village built at the foot of the cliffs of the Causse du Larzac, looking proudly out over the Tarn. This village is perfectly positioned, just 5 km from the famous town of Millau and 30 km from Saint-Affrique, which is convenient! And when it comes to the specific features of this place you have tuff, a light rock which was used to build houses and bridges in the region. You'll be seeing some amazingly delightful dwellings while you're here!


Did you know? You probably thought that Millau Viaduct lay only in Millau, but that's not the case, as it's also to be found in the village of Creissels.


What to see and do? In Creissels, there's one top activity: a stroll along the Sentier des Cascades de Creissels. And it is its waterfalls, of course, for which this place is famous; this really is a hike you must come and enjoy! It's easy to get there too, and the path, which leaves from the village, is one everyone can use. Head for those waterfalls! After just a few minutes' walking, you'll spot them among all the greenery, seeming to appear suddenly from nowhere, and you really will find them captivating! Don't forget your camera so you can immortalise the moment! And if you carry on a little further you'll get to the Plateau du Larzac, looking out towards the famous viaduct. A truly exceptional hike that'll be an opportunity to discover the delights of the Aveyron. Sounds like a nice idea? Well then put those trainers on and get going!