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Camping Micropolis

There's nothing you won't know about the world of insects after your visit to Micropolis!

In an area of 400m², the world of insects looks forward to seeing you during your next holiday in Aveyron! Very close to the Millau viaduct, Micropolis is an opportunity for you to come and discover the fascinating world of these little creatures, which are present everywhere but often invisible. With your family or your friends, visitors of all ages will just love coming here!


With 15 rooms to explore, Micropolis will take you to different worlds and habitats, including tropical and temperate forests, hot deserts and cold deserts. An entire ecosystem will open up before your eyes! More than 70 different species of insects are shown here. There's even a butterfly house and carnivorous plants, which are always amazing things to see! There's nothing about insects you won't know after your visit here! 



Le Bourg

12780 Saint-Léons

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