Camping Les Baléares - Son Bou Port Mahon, Minorca

« A sun-drenched island, with wild coves, turquoise water and fine sandy beaches »

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Close to the camping Les Baléares “Son Bou”

The Balearic islands… a dream-like destination. They are synonymous with turquoise water, fine sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, historical remains, charming towns and superb hiking. You'll find all this and more at Yelloh! Village Les Baléares – Son Bou. 

Camping Les Baléares - Son Bou
Carretera Sant Jaume Km. 3,5
07730 Alaior
+34 971 372 727

GPS Coordinates
Latitude: N 39° 55' 11''
Longitude: E 4° 5' 25''
Work out your route

Alaior, 5 km
Mahón airport, 18 km
Alaior railway station, 5 km
Mahón is Minorca’s principal town, in which the inhabitants have left their mark through the ages. Located in a wonderful area, Mahon has always drawn people, including the Romans, Arabs, English and Spanish, and not forgetting pirates! All of these have left their marks in the town.
Ciutadella, on the west coast of Minorca, used to be the island's capital, and is a really nice place to visit. With a protected historic district, an authentically character-filled harbour, extraordinary archaeological remains and all sorts of lovely, wild little inlets, here, Minorca's very soul can be seen in every alleyway and stone.

Son Bou

Very well-known on the island of Minorca, the beach of Son Bou, with more than 2 kilometres of sand, is certainly the finest on the island and most highly-prized by holidaymakers. The beach of Son Bou alone represents the very soul of Minorca, with the authenticity and beauty of the countryside blending with modernity, through its various bars, restaurants and shops nearby.

The various aspects of the sea

During your camping holiday in the Balearics, you can come and enjoy all sorts of different aspects of the Mediterranean sea : on the water with kitesurfing, a sailing dinghy, a windsurfer or a kayak, or in the water with all sorts of diving schools for discovering the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean.

Relaxation is important too, as Minorca's sandy beaches are perfect for quick siestas, an afternoon's sunbathing and much more.

The remains of an eventful history

The island of Minorca, with its crystal-clear water and gently undulating landscapes attract a lot of people for a long time. Its inhabitants, conquerors and tourists have always been strongly bound to this land of ochre and red earth, in the heart of the Mediterranean. Since ancient times, they have left the marks and remains of their time here, through cathedrals, fortresses, castle ruins and even prehistoric villages such as Talati de Dalt and Torre Llafunda as mute reminders of centuries past. You could also make a small detour to go and admire the spectacular stone tomb of La Naveta des Tudons, Europe's oldest edifice, dating from 1,500 BC.

A timeless way of life

Touristic Majorca, authentic Minorca, partygoer Ibiza, wild Formentera, each of the Balearic Islands has its own personality, but each, in its own way, represents a facet of the spirit of the Balearics. Here, tradition and modernity, relaxation and Fiestas blend together to make a cocktail unlike anything else.

Real countryside hiking

Inland Minorca, with, for example, its famous "Camì de Cavalls" horse trail going round the island, is great for whatever kind of hiking you're after. You could stroll through the cooling forests with their broad-leaved trees, breathe in the sea air in the little, wild inlets or enjoy the fantastic views you'll find all over the island. Given its size, there are so many different atmospheres and landscapes to enjoy!

Caves steeped in history

Minorca's attraction is not new, as there are still all sorts of prehistoric remains visible all over the island. And the same applies to its caves. A visit to the Cova d´es Coloms, Cales Coves or, for the more experienced, the underwater caves, will take you back several thousand years in time.