Camping Alaior

Just a short distance from Son Bou beach, the town of Alaior makes for a thoroughly pleasant spot of tranquillity, right in the heart of the island of Minorca. Come and pay a visit to this little town, which has managed to hold onto its village feel.

Do you know Alaior?

If you're on holiday staying in our campsite in the Balearics, you're bound to hear people talking about the town of Alaior. It also makes for a visit that really complements these two towns on the coast of southern Minorca. And that's because while they are home to architecture that's typical of the Balearics, with whitewashed houses that glisten when the sun is at its height, Alaior offers something quite different: an appearance that typifies these villages set so far from the coast, in which the local identity has been forged. And of course this is a feature that is fairly widespread among other islands of the Mediterranean.

To find out for yourself, just drop by and stroll through the town's streets and alleyways. You'll very quickly get a feel for what a great place this is to live in. It's a little haven of peace, with the added advantage of being very well preserved! However, as well as enjoying the lovely buildings, squares and churches etc., Alaior also has 700 years of history to tell you about. From the Aragonese period to its current era of Spanish autonomy, step back into the highly eventful past of Minorca and the Balearics.

Its geographical location also makes it an ideal place for growing crops and farming. The town of Alaior is especially famous for its cheese, which has been the case since time immemorial. Indeed ceramic cheese moulds and sieves have been found that date back through the mists of time.

Did you know?

So Alaior is a popular destination for tourists as well as being a land of cheese! However, it is also a town that is associated with a less well-known activity, which is that of shoe-making, or more specifically its avarcas. These are a type of espadrille with the unusual feature of being open at the back.

It's also highly likely that you'll come across locals walking around wearing these sandals in the streets and alleyways of Alaior.

On the menu?

The number one activity to enjoy during your camping holiday close to Alaior is to stroll around the town itself. Whether in the shade or beneath the sunshine of the Balearics, come and enjoy the lovely architecture and the climate and just relax! As you walk around, some stop-offs are a must, including Alaior's top locations and monuments, such as the wonderful church of Santa Eulàlia and the Plaça de la Constitució

When it comes to art, as well as the architecture we strongly recommend a visit to the LÔAC Alaior, which is the museum of contemporary art. Whether you're a fan of this type of art or not, the variety of works on display is well worth a look, all the more so as it is the only private collection in the Balearics that's open to the public. Pieces by various world-famous artists can be found here, including those of Joan Miró. 

And then, as suggested earlier, you can take a journey back in time. The RutaTuristicaAlaior programme, which was set up by the Centre d’Estudis Locals d’Alaior, organises visits and guided tours of the town and its surrounding area. Free tours, guided tours with theatre, and all sorts of tastings are arranged for you to acquaint yourself with the historical and cultural treasures of Alaior and of Minorca as a whole. 

And finally, the area around Alaior is truly magnificent, making it the perfect departure point for some great hiking. You'll find all sorts of marked trails here, providing an opportunity to see some lovely places. Several of these also take you to the beaches in the area.