Camping Port Mahon

Mahón is Minorca’s principal town, in which the inhabitants have left their mark through the ages.
Located in a wonderful area, Mahon has always drawn people, including the Romans, Arabs, English and Spanish, and not forgetting pirates! All of these have left their marks in the town.

Holidays in camping Mahon 

A stroll through the old town centre is an opportunity to re-experience these eras. You'll also get an idea of just how important the sea is with regard to Mahon's identity; having been built next to a harbour, it has always forged strong links with the Mediterranean. During your holiday, you could go for a trip on one of the many boats available for exploring the Minorcan coast.

Mahon also owes its reputation to its beaches, including Es Grau and Cala Mesquida. These names are all synonymous with sunshine, fine sand and clear water. Perfect for kids, the beach of Es Grau is very shallow close to shore, so toddlers will be able to enjoy the Mediterranean in total safety. With your feet in the sand, the blue sky up above and bathed in sunshine, you'll love your holiday here!

Mahon's food will be a major part of your discovery of the town, with soubressade (red spicy sausage), cold meats, pastries, Mahon-Minorca cheese and the island's red wine featuring strongly in the dishes you'll enjoy.

Camping Mahon

And you mustn't miss the festivals held by Mahon in honour of the Virgin of Gracia, during September, when the streets of central Mao are filled with people, and riders dressed in black and white parade up and down its roads, sitting astride their dark stallions. Come and enjoy this spectacular event!