Camping Ciutadella

Ciutadella, on the west coast of Minorca, used to be the island's capital, and is a really nice place to visit.

With a protected historic district, an authentically character-filled harbour, extraordinary archaeological remains and all sorts of lovely, wild little inlets, here, Minorca's very soul can be seen in every alleyway and stone.

Holidays in camping Ciutadella

Ciutadella is also well-known as a shopping destination In Minorca, with all sorts of shops in the middle of the old town. Don't leave without buying a pair of the shoes, which are what made the town famous originally.

There are all sorts of religious buildings in Ciutadella, including the cathedral, which was built on top of the remains of an old mosque, a convent and a baroque church. Wherever you go in Ciutadella, you'll find important religious buildings and monuments.

And there's prehistory here too, with the highly impressive Naveta des Tudons, which looks like a ship's hull made of stone and turned upside down, and the remains of the prehistoric village of Torre Trencada, for example; a single day's visit will enable you to take a journey several thousand years back in time.