Camping Morlaix

Come camping in Morlaix, a small town in Finistère, Brittany, which is a great place to spend your next holiday! With an amazing historical heritage, Morlaix is home to some monuments that are steeped in history, the most famous of which is the Maison de la Duchesse Anne de Bretagne. Morlaix is a medieval town, which used to be well-known for its tobacco manufacturing industry.

Holidays in camping Morlaix 

And why not come and enjoy a trip in its wonderful bay, where you can visit the splendid Château du Taureau, a former 16th century sea fortress, and discover the secrets it conceals there!

People who enjoy countryside and history will love walking to the Cairn de Barnénez, a polished stone monument, 75 metres long, which was discovered in 1955, and which dates back to 5,000 BC. You can still see the corridors of this building, which lead to burial chambers. Stretching out over three hills, Morlaix has all sorts of activities available, with canoeing/kayaking, windsurfing, diving, horse riding, fishing and more.

People of all ages will find an activity to suit them! Its yachting harbour is a peaceful place where you can come and enjoy some seafood, palets (little biscuits), pancakes or Breton galettes.

Camping Morlaix

Come for a camping holiday in Morlaix and you can be sure of a great holiday with your family!