Camping Pont-Aven

Also known as the City of Painters, Pont-Aven awaits to welcome you during your holiday in the Finistère. A wonderful little town that has plenty of surprises in store. So read on and find out all it has to offer!
Pont-Aven. Perhaps the name doesn’t mean very much to you, so let us tell you its fascinating story. Nestling in the green estuary of the Aven and in the heart of an enchanting setting, this picturesque town in the Finistère is only a few kilometres from the coast and from Concarneau.

Camping holidays Pont-Aven

Notably famous for its school of painting created by the artist Paul Gauguin in 1886, after he fell under the spell of the atmosphere and unique light of this little port. And there’s no doubt that you’ll be totally enchanted as well. There is even a little story about Pont-Aven. You probably don’t know the popular French saying about the town: “Pont-Aven, well-known town, 14 mills, 15 houses”. In days gone by, the site was particularly favourable for the building of water mills. So come and take a walk in the footsteps of history as you stroll through the town and explore the remains of its past. Pont-Aven is a town of 1001 treasures, just waiting for you to discover them.


Camping Pont-Aven

So what is there to do in Pont-Aven? A fabulous variety of rewarding activities for you and yours! You could begin with a guided tour of the town, what better way to find out all its secrets? Stop off in its historic centre and discover the impressive art galleries. Take a leisurely stroll along the River Aven to meet the swans, ducks, mills and boats... It’s hard to imagine a prettier setting for your holiday photos. You’d like to find out more about the history of the town? Visit its museum or the Trémolo chapel, and prepare to be amazed. Pont-Aven is also a paradise for children, take them to L’Aven Parc, there’s so much for them to do that’s unusual, informative and totally entertaining: educational activities at the farm, corn maze, magic shows... And plenty of other activities to discover with all the family. But above all don’t miss out on a visit to the Pont-Aven Biscuit Factory to sample the Traou Mad. A delicious local speciality, these buttery Brittany biscuits are still made in the town! As we said, this is one place you’ll never have time to get bored.