Camping Douarnenez

The “Ville aux Trois Ports” (three port town) will give your holiday in Brittany a touch of authenticity. Welcome to Douarnenez!

Located on the Finistère coast, right at the tip of Brittany, where the land ends and the ocean begins, Douarnenez is just waiting to be enjoyed!
From one of its plentiful beaches, you can come and enjoy the ocean, which has been braved by the town's inhabitants from time immemorial as they set off to fish for sardines. This fish, for which Douarnenez has been famous for a long time, can be seen in all shapes and sizes in the town, from the names of the inhabitants to the headdresses of its womenfolk! Come and enjoy a camping holiday in Douarnenez, where the whole family will enjoy a fantastic holiday!

Holidays in camping Douarnenez

Douarnenez has some magnificent coastal areas, a pretty fishing harbour and a rich history. This location, one of the best-preserved in Europe, will take you on a journey back in time, from Antiquity to the booming fishing years, and not forgetting the pirates' raids and the legend of the city of Ys! Just like many artists, you'll be amazed by the extraordinary range of colours making up the colourful walls in the town centre.

And while you're enjoying your Yelloh! Village camping holiday, come and discover the famous maritime festivals of Douarnenez, which give you an insight of the town's very soul. You'll love the Breton way of life!